Client Speak

Vaidehi Parshurami

Marathi and Bollywood, Film Industry, Mumbai, India
Movies: Vrundavan, Friendship Unlimited, Wazir, Simmba, Ved Lavi Jeeva etc.Most Natural Performance of the Year Award Winner- Zee Chitra Gaurav 2019

To begin with, let me tell you that I am an actor by profession and a foodie by passion. My job requires me to look slim and trim on screen. But  since I am a big foodie it has always been quite difficult for me to a keep a check on my food intake. Then one fine day I happened to meet Monal to discuss a diet plan or more of a lifestyle program. What I loved about that meeting is we did not talk about fancy “diet” foods or any drastic measures. She, very skilfully worked around the kind of diet/foods I was already having. So with considerably minor changes in my diet plan I saw major changes in my body, of course the diet was coupled with a good workout routine as well. So without following any fads, without being harsh with myself, I’m trying to become healthier and leaner at the same time, thanks to Monal! As she says, everybody should be healthy and fit, whatever their profession. Hence, as I mentioned, she emphasises on working out a lifestyle program, that is a sustainable diet plan.And that is, I believe, the best thing to follow to stay fit & healthy in the long run.

Nikhil Wadekar

MBBS Student
K J Somaiya Medical College, Mumbai
Former State Level Badminton Champion, Kolhapur

I am Nikhil Wadekar originally from Kolhapur, was a state level champion in badminton doubles (u-15 and u-17). With due course of time Badminton took a backseat  because of my busy SCHEDULE.  During my initial 2 years of college I gained alot of weight and my heart sank when the scale showed 101KG. But the ATHLETE in me motivated me towards getting fitter and stronger again. Then I tried my level best on my own to reduce weight and I was able to reduce it upto 87 kgs but I always knew that I lacked proper guidance. In August 2018 I reached Monal ma’am and she charted out a diet for me which I followed for 6-7 months along with regular exercise regimen. The diet was feasible and this feasibility was the most important factor for me as I live in hostel. But, she always helped me make simple choices as it’s challenging to follow in hostel with academic work and friends. The results were good as i managed as my weight was pulled down to 73kgs. I am thankful to Monal ma’am for her simple yet effective dietary guidance.

Aditya Gaitonde

Financial Services Corporate Professional, Mumbai.

As a working professional, I used to lead a pretty sedentary lifestyle. This coupled with my love for food meant that I was well over my target weight. Despite making a few lifestyle changes that included moderate exercise everyday for an hour, I was not finding much success in shedding the extra pounds. 
That is when Monal came in. She made me aware that maintaining a healthy weight was 80% about eating right. Thereafter, I was put on a detailed diet plan which helped me reduce upto 8 kgs within a couple of months. This brought my weight within the targeted range. Now, I have been put on a diet plan that helps me maintain my weight.
Thanks to the easy to follow diets prescribed by Monal, I am healthier than before with all indicators such as Blood Sugar, Cholesterol, etc. within the normal range.

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