Latest research presentation on Functional food in osteoarthritis

“Effect of Vitamin D3 and Virgin coconut oil in cartilage degeneration,
inflammation and functional abilities in early knee osteoarthritis”
– Dr. Monal Velangi

Research presentation at the 27th International Conference of Functional food centre and Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Centre, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA. This conference had delegates from across the global, leading experts and experienced researchers.

Takeaway: A novel nutritional strategy, a preventive approach in osteoarthritis management.

Functional Oil in Bone Diseases – A Power Talk

“Role of Functional Oil in Bone Diseases”
Dr. Monal Velangi

About 30 experts in the field of Food Technology, Nutrition and Food Safety and standards were brought together on a platform of Power Talk 3 to share groundbreaking ideas and innovative approaches. These ideas have a potential to resolve day to day issues with a great impact on daily living and promote quality of life.

Takeaway: This video is about an emerging functional oil in the food and healthcare industry. Traditional roots can have a modern outlook. A simple change can improve quality of life.

Two eat or not to eat?

Since decades we have been discussing variety of diets. But, recently meal frequency and timings are stealing the limelight. It is currently the talk of the town resulting in lot of confusion about what should be ideally followed?

Dr. Godbole, MD Physician, Internal Medicine invited Dr. Monal Velangi to be a Speaker for a Debate on Two eat or not to? on the 20th January 2019 evening at the Multi specialty Conference, Bombay E ward, Medical Practitioners Association, organised by Sharman Academy of Medical Education at the Hotel Krishna Palace, Grant Road, South Mumbai, India.

This debate revolved around the burning issue of 2 meals v/s 6-7 meals in a day. During this interesting session, pros and cons of each of these were discussed. Many diet related myths were debunked in the light of scientific facts. This was followed by a good interactive session with the medical practitioner audience to address their queries. Towards the end of which conclusion drawn was that scientifically individualized diet should be followed under the guidance of an expert nutritionist, as they plan the diet after considering the health status, stage of lifecycle, lifestyle, physical activity and diseases, thereby catering to the individual differences with a sole aim of health promotion.

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