Eating the Rainbow: A Super Foods Pick List

Have you ever charted out health goals and then got sidetracked? The common reasons for this are daily routine, busy schedules, boredom, decision making fatigue etc. Developing healthy habits and making healthy choices form the cornerstones of healthy living. Smart planning can help you out. As we always read, hear and understand have a colorful platter; the gap is we are unable to put it into practise. For healthy eating we need to include an array of visually appealing, nutritious, healthy, and colorful foods.

The pigments (carotenoids, anthocyanins etc.) in the food are responsible for their different colors. These visually appealing colors satisfy our eyeballs, while these colourful foods also provide us with macronutrients, micronutrients, antioxidants and bioactives (polyphenols), which have several health benefits. Hence, to get the maximum benefit of such foods and to make your lives simpler; I have made an easy to use picklist based on color.

Eat the Rainbow: Super Foods Pick List

Do try implementing it in your daily routine while you make your grocery lists and see the effective result in your goal of healthy eating. Feel free to connect / email for any health and nutrition concerns.

Dr. Monal Velangi


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