Wellness – A Master Key to Success!

As discussed during the last week, you don’t have to look up to 1st January to make a change. Have you started with your 21 day challenge to move towards a better you?

To make it simpler for you, I thought we should discuss about 4 milestones of the wellness journey. This would help in getting a direction to chalk out a plan of action.

So, here are the 4 milestones: 

Baby steps towards a healthier you!

  1. Balanced Nutrition: Choice of food we make for an energetic and active body.
  2. Right Exercise: Choice of exercise we make to promote health and prevent diseases
  3. Positive Mind: Positive thoughts and quality circle we have for a healthy mind.
  4. Adequate Rest: Duration of sleep we get to rejuvenate body and mind

What small move did you make towards any of these 4 pillars in the last week?

Do share your responses! 🙂

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